Isa Baby shakes up the Interweb

Papa and Baby

Alas! The first entry in the Isababy Blog! This Blog will shamelessly explore issues of fatherhood, infancy, and other completely unrelated issues–sometimes in excruciating detail–solely for the delight of Isa’s parents. Isa is my baby’s name. Eduardo is his father and Palma is his mother. His name is pronounced “EE-sah” and it is the Arabic form of the name Jesus (more on naming and the named later).

If you do not care to be brought into the intimate world of a new baby with its rapid shifting from sublime revelation in the baby’s expressions to projectile unleashings of poop and urine then read no further. If you are grossed out by the spit-up and vomit of a newborn; if ear-piercing bouts of crying bother you; and if you would rather do without the endless dissection of the meaning and significance of a particular cooh or cry then move on. If you would like to jump in Tigger-style into the fray, then we welcome you into our little corner of the Bronx where we are raising our first child.

I work at Big Internet Company and I have stayed late today to set-up the first post. I was late this morning to B.I.C. because poor, exhausted Palma gave me Isa at 6 or 7 in the morning so that she might catch a wink of sleep. Isa prefers to sleep on my, or Palma’s, or any of our guest’s chest, generally eschewing the boxy comfort of the baby co-sleeper for a more intimate snoozing surface. His Little Grumpiness fell asleep on my chest, his mouth and cheeks redolent of his endless feedings at my poor woman’s sore breasts, passed out like a drunkard kept from further binging only by shear exhaustion. Now I must go back up to the boogie-down to go join my family already in progress.


19 responses to “Isa Baby shakes up the Interweb

  1. What a delight to see you and your sleeping grumpster, papa Eduardo! Since I forgot to say it a month ago Alhamdulillah 1,000 congratulations and my best wishes for you and your new family. As soon as fate brings my to NY I truly hope to have the opportunity to visit in person. Much love to you, Eduardo.

  2. joy joy JOY joyjoyjoyjoy JOY!!!!!!
    I am so excited about this blog,you guys–It is such a gift,for those of us who are far away,but want to be close to you…
    My dad was trying to come up with names and when I told him it was Isa,he started singing,’Isa-you-is,or Isa-you-ain’t my baby?’–do you know that song?anyway,he sends his love and I send mine…please give little Isa a little kiss for me and tell him I can’t wait to meet him.JOYjoyjoyjoy…

  3. Mmm…hmmmm… That looks like a baby alright.


  4. Nicely done, brother man.
    I’d forgotten all about projectile pooping; I can’t wait to be re-enlightened.
    Remember, twelve pounds is how big the baby should be, not how much the diaper can hold…

  5. sweetness sweetness and sweetness some more
    i am honoured to be invited to jump into your family world…what blessings and beauty and as i read this i almost hopped the first bust to nyc to see you…to have that little bundle of grumpy delight fall asleep in my arms and to see you and palma glowy and sleepy….inshallah soon…such sweetness…so much love to you and the fam and i can’t wait to read more

  6. You know that I am going to be checking this blog three times a day! What a treat to see my little grandbaby whenever I want!
    In my favorite picture – the one of Isa lying snuggled with his Da, Isa is wearing a sweater which was handmade for his Uncle Ber 34 yrs ago, by our dear friend Sophie Colombo, and he is covered by a deliciuous cashmere blanket made just for him by his Cousin Barrie. He is always covered with lots of love from all his family.

  7. Absolute delight to you my dear friend! I wish you and Palma and Isa nothing but love. I am so happy to hear and see and look forward to hugging kissing. Alhamdulillah!
    Please take good care and thank you for keeping in touch.

  8. Grammy Club, Barrie

    This is the best! Before the days of techies, family and friends missed so much and had to HEAR the exhausting stories about what the baby is doing today and did yesterday and on and on. Now we can enjoy sooner..There is nothing like looking and looking distractedly at our grandchildren in person, holding them and we NOTICE even more as we are uncluttered by all the responsibility! Noone can talk to me when I am with my grand daughter..I am completely obsorbed..she is Isa’s 2nd cousin twice removed (I think) and they are going to play together, love each other and support each other always. Keep the Isa news acomin.

  9. This is just the beginning of sleep deprivation. . .all the best

  10. Que bebe tan hermosooo!! Ediee espero que el bebe los llene de felicidad.
    Los quieroo

  11. Eduardo, you look just like my Uncle Danny and my father Bill, who were always there to feed, change and spend time with us. (ha ha ha) right Palma!!!!!!

  12. Eddie! My little ‘baby bro’ has a gorgeous baby of his own! I was so happy to hear this news from your mom! xoxo to you, Palma and Isa! -Valerie

  13. se parece a grnadhoney
    its so fine ure so in love with him
    Que Dios los siga bendiciendo

  14. HEY Isa !!! I can’t believe how big you got. I hope to see you soon. YOUR SSSSSSOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Antie Palma are you going to print my picture on the website along with Hannah’s picture? Well if you do I drew another picture that you and Isa inspired me.I love you guys see you soon.
    Rachel Repole

  15. We can’t wait to meet Isa!
    Colette and Evan

  16. The tribute to our mother was very touching, & the pictures were great. How do you have so much time to maintain a website? We still have pictures in boxes from 10 years ago.

  17. Ciao Eduardo and Palma!
    I met you at Dana’s party celebrating Mexico’s independence and spoke a few words to Isa….who I thought was going to be named Elvis!!!
    I now understand it was because Isa’s due date was Elvis’ birthday.
    Che stunada!
    How thrilled I was to have this blog sent to me so that I can participate in the celebration of Isa’s life and the new life Isa brings to you all.
    I’m sipping burnt coffee because I became so engrossed in the blog that I forgot the coffee was brewing on the stove. But my heart is so filled with joy for you right now that there is no bitterness in this murky brew that I’m sipping.
    May God watch over you and keep you in his hands, safe, warm and always filled with love and joy.
    I hope one day to see little Isa….and his three chins…in person.
    My warmest wishes to Isa, mom, dad, Dana and all his wonderful, extended family.

  18. Ciao, Eduardo & Palma!
    What a magnificent way to start my Saturday!
    I met you both at Dana’s party and spoke to Isa in the womb.
    He is such a beautiful angel!
    I send you all my heartfelt congratulations on a job very well done!
    God bless!

  19. Palma,what you wrote about your mom was truly beautiful,made me cry….And describing your morning play/cuddle ritual too…what a lucky,lovely boy.

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