Milk Monster audio

You may need to crank up the volume a little while you listen to this. This is the sound of Isa feeding. Hear here…

Audio of Isa Feeding-Feb-15-2007.mp3


2 responses to “Milk Monster audio

  1. Diane Hope McAfee

    It was exactly 32 years ago…and I mean to the day…that Amber was born. Technology has made it possible for you to immortalize the sounds of the most primitive of instincts for survival, of bonding, innocence, trust. It’s all there in those soft sucks and sighs and swallows. A little lump of life that we made…so vulnerable yet so safe with us because we are now transcendent.
    Oh I wish there were a fabulous recording of Amber and Fiona suckling away at different stages of the 5 solid years we breastfed. Eventually, conversation began to make its way into the sighs and humming of familiar tunes. As Amber abandoned nursing (yes. Tandem for a brief spell.)she began making Fiona laugh or helping her to undress me whenever or wherever. Talking with her mouth full was Fiona’s specialty and she did love to tell long fanciful stories. Only once did I see a woman on a city bus nursing another child who had to be 4 years old.
    So, alas. All I have are memories inside my head. But you guys….just think! In 32 years, you’ll be able to dig into the antiquated 10.8 Mac archives and, cranking the volume up into the latest Bose Super Speakers you can ambush Isa and 20 or 30 of his friends and play the recording you just know he’s going to LOVE sharing with his friends. And good for you! That’s your job! Be-
    cause you love him so much, you just have to embarrass him at some point and I think this will be a doozy!
    I just wish I still had my Cabbage Patch Earmuffs and that fringed blue poncho that I used to flap like Count Dracula. I’d ride my bike to meet them somewhere on my bike and fly like a bat so they’d pretend not to know me.
    But your little Milk Monster. That little guy. Little IsaBaby. What a treasure you have! Be ex-
    cessive! Overdo it! Love him too much! Adore each other like crazy first! And then nurturing him with peace is easier.
    Isa has stirred the oceans of my fierce, fierce love of the two gorgeous women who are my babies, my children, my daughters, my gifts.
    Thank you, Isa.


  2. Evan and I loved hearing Isa’s sweet coos as he nursed! We can’t wait to meet him.

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