The Milk Monster in “Who Stole my Baby?”


Is 4:30 pm too early for a glass of wine when you’re still in your nightgown? Well, I hope not because I’ve got a restorative one here as I struggle to type this one-handed. The other hand, arm, as well as my entire chest is occupied by a writhing, grunting, and at moments, squealing milk monster. If you had asked me yesterday, I would have told you I have the sweetest, calmest, most lovely baby. He rarely fusses for long and I can always depend on him to fall into a delicious sleep after nursing. This allows me, his mom, to do all my neurotic tidying and putting of things back into their place, even if just for a moment — just for the comforting illusion that my life and home are still in order. But that was yesterday. My baby, at 5 weeks is gone and has been replaced with one that looks just like him but is no doubt a monster with a lusty thirst for milk. For example, I just nursed him for nearly 60 minutes straight not even an hour ago and his head is right now pounding my chest while his little pink tongue taste-tests the area for the chance of a lucky hit. And this has been going on non-stop since last night. I am so sore that if he so much as looks at my nipples they ache. I don’t know about this monster, but I suppose we’ll keep him and love him just as well.


2 responses to “The Milk Monster in “Who Stole my Baby?”

  1. What big beautiful eyes he has. He is so precious. And he looks so peaceful at mama’s breast 🙂

  2. Palma,
    Your baby is so lucky to have the opportunity to obtain delicious milk from his Mother. My children had no idea what a nipple was!!!!!

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