IsaBaby, Muse to Local Artist

Local artist, Hannah R., is currently showing two recent works of art for which Isa was an inspiration. The originals are on display in the permanent collection on our refrigerator, but reproductions can be seen here on the website.

Palma and her Baby in her Belly

Title: Palma and her Baby in her Belly

Medium: Brown magic marker on construction paper

Artist: Hannah R. Age 4 (although she won’t admit to being a day over 31/2)

This work, done during the pregnancy period, is simply titled: “Palma and her baby in her belly.” Hannah’s use of bold lines and minimal detail singularly capture the beauty and mystery of the pregnant body. Critics agree that the unusual placement of baby Isa is a daring and refreshing break with convention. “It’s just not where you’d except to see a baby, ” commented one viewer, “I like that.”

When asked to remark on the work, Hannah was proud to mention her inclusion of the area “where the baby will come out.”


Title: Isa’s Face

Medium: Pen on paper


The second piece is a portrait of Isa two days old. The subject sat for this rendering in between feedings, naps, and poopy diaper changes. According to sources close to the artist, the subject was difficult and refused to sit for any length of time. However, Hannah’s patience allowed her to capture a side of Isa few have seen. Viewers have hailed the likeness as uncanny. “The hair, the eyes, the smile–that thingy by the chin, all of it, it’s Isa,” remarked the subject’s mother. We look forward to more remarkable works from this budding young artist.




2 responses to “IsaBaby, Muse to Local Artist

  1. Thanks guys, That was very sweet of you to include the kids on Isas website. We also had a great time and we are still talking about Isa and how deleicious,beautiful and wonderfulhe is.
    Proud Mom

  2. That’s so cute. I can’t wait to see him again! We should meet up.

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