8 Weeks Old Today!


I’m 2 months old today and I’m so big already! In the last few days, I’ve gained control of my hands (sort of) and now I found my ears. I love to play with them when I’m nursing and now when Mommy tries to clean my ears, I know how to bat her hand away. I also know how to thump my arm on her to get her attention–it always works. I love being talked to. My favorite is when mom and poppa sit on the couch with me tell all about the day–all the things we did and all the people we saw. I like to talk with them too, even though all I usually say is “Ahh” or “OOhh” or something along those lines, but they always get me. I love all the great comments so many folks have left for me on the blog. It’s great to feel so loved and connected to so many people–many of whom I look foward to meeting. Love to you all and thanks for watching me grow!


4 responses to “8 Weeks Old Today!

  1. Isa: Happy two months’ existence day! Months, as you, in your superior unaware state, don’t know about yet, represent roughly 8% of one revolution of our home planet around its star, and you’ve been alive for two of them! A brief time indeed to develop such a formiddably appraising stare.

  2. I love you Is and I hope you like the toy I got you
    your favorite boy cousin

  3. Sorry I meant ISA

  4. Thanks David. I love you too! You’re the best. I can’t wait until I’m old enough for you to show me your video games.
    Love, Isa

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