Having a Great Day. . .


. . . how about you?

This morning, I took a walk with mommy to the store in her Moby wrap which I love, and everyone who passed us had a smile or a kind word. It was so much fun to make grumpy people going about their grumpy day stop and smile at my funny face. I can be a grumpster myself from time to time, so it was nice to be able to make other grumpsters smile. If you’re a grumpster too, I hope this makes you smile!


4 responses to “Having a Great Day. . .

  1. who could possibly be grumpy looking at your precious face, Little Isa?
    You look like your Poppa now, when he was a little one like you. He could be grumpy too!
    your loving dani

  2. ISA! You look just like your Daddy in this picture! You are the cutest! Guess what? You are going to have a BOY cousin to play with. He will be born in August! He will live in Brooklyn too! Skylar will be jealous because she will be so far away for you-two. We have to get together ALOT ….Dani is going to have alot of babies around her.
    See you soon I hope. oxoxo Barrie

  3. something about these last two pictures,has me going into this peaceful trance,when I look at them.I click on to the page,I see Isa’s face,and then it’s 5 or 10 minutes later and I don’t know where I’ve been!
    also,this last one is the first picture I can really see Eddie in his face–something about the expression…Isa,I think you are divine–and I mean I really think you are DIVINE!You bring a fellow grump a whole lotta joy.

  4. Last night I showed your pictures to two old ladies, Sr Elise and SrMary Christabel, both in their 80s. They knew your Poppa when he was a little boy, and even farther back in time they knew your Dani when she was a little girl! They were so thrilled to see your beautiful face and said ‘Please tell him we think he is beautiful!’ So, Baby Isa, lots of love all around!

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