Baby Dreams


I’ve been thinking a lot about baby dreams.  As I watch Isa’s sleeping face, I wonder, what does he dream about?  They say babies start dreaming in the womb sometime in the 3rd Trimester.  That blew my mind.  If our dreams take the form of fantastic stories borrowed from our waking life, then what in the world could an unborn baby dream about?  What images would his mind create? Or perhaps the unborn dreams only in sound, touch, and smell?  Do they dream about where they were before they came to be?Can they dream about the past? The future?

You can tell when Isa is dreaming because his eyes go into REM and sometimes he even “talks” in his sleep.  If it’s what seems to be a good dream, a smile will spread across his face and he will spontaneously break out in laughter.  Then other times he’ll squeal like a puppy whose leach got caught, but just for an instant—then it’s over and he’s never even opened his eyes. 

Eduardo and I joke that when Isa is in one of his happy dream states, he’s gone to the Land of a Thousand Boobies, where milk flows like waterfalls and the flowers have smiling faces and all the land is made of cuddly laps.  What could possibly be better?  Right on cue my little sleeping dream traveler here on my lap just let out a giggle as if to confirm, yes, there is such a dreamland. 


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