Back to School


I am now officially a working mom. I went back to school yesterday to resume my classes after a 3 month absence. It was a struggle just to remember everyone’s name on the little sleep Isa allowed me. But the warm reception from so many was invigorating. I am lucky enough to love my job—teaching high school biology. I love the students and I love the subject. I found myself getting excited to talk about science again. I hadn’t realized how much I missed it during those drowsy days of endless breastfeeding on the couch. But there is a bitter side to this sweetness. I missed Isa and everyone’s kind questions about him brought that terrible ache as my milk let down to the mention of his name. When I came home, exhausted and spent, I was found my little guy happy on the couch playing hand games with his poppa. The two were very content with each other. I could see they easily got along without me, which filled me with a mix of conflicting emotions. Home is where my heart is, but school is where my mind thrives. Such is the rock and hard place of another mom’s return to work.



This picture was taken on my last day of maternity leave with Isa.



3 responses to “Back to School

  1. Dear Palma, You and Isa look great in this shot! Isa seems to be in a baby gangster pose: “Back off! That’s MY mommy!”. Very nice. Miss you guys, see you soon. Love, papa

  2. dear Isa,
    thankyou for being so glorious.

    dear Palma and Eddie,
    thankyou for being so glorious.

    post more pictures and writings!Moremoremore!

  3. i just read your blog and saw all the beautiful pictures of isa. he’s a big boy! Wow! you are amazing. i’m getting nervous of returning back to work…i can’t believe you are back already…and how fast time flies. Talk soon.


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