No Diaper Day


We got back from the Abode 5 hours ago and all the bags are still scattered around the room with their various contents spilling out of them. I can’t get anything done. Poor Isa is paper thin today—every sound makes him jump and he only wants to be held. Right now his 15lbs+ highness is draped over my left shoulder. This way he can find his right hand and find comfort sucking it while he drifts in and out of sleep.

The Abode is a Sufi community and retreat center in the Berkshires where Eduardo has lived and worked on and off since 2003. It is a very special place as we have made many dear friends there over the years. We had a wonderful time introducing Isa to the community and they enjoyed sharing in our love for him.

Now we’re back in the city in what feels like a genuine Spring day. The windows are open and Isa is now lying naked in the rays of sun streaming in. We’ve declared today “no diaper” day at our house since Isa has a fierce rash and I wanted to give his bottom a break from its usual confinement. It has actually resulted in using many more diapers than usual. I laid out what I though was a fool proof network of overlapping diapers on the living room floor giving Isa a wide range of space to lie about on for the afternoon. With his aim, however, he’s managed to clear the distance of 4 diapers in one shot, hitting the rug, the table, the couch and me.isas-right-leg.jpg

Look at the size of this leg! He has more rings than Barnum & Bailey.


Toe Yoga






One response to “No Diaper Day

  1. Isa–you out-cute yourself,everytime you appear!You have stolen all the cute!
    congratulations on no-diaper-day,and also on your new career in apartment-painting–diapers cannot stop the aim of a true arteest!

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