Baby got Backed up


Well, we warned you that it might get like this. As his Poppa said on Day One: “If you do not care to be brought into the intimate world of a new baby with its rapid shifting from sublime revelation in the baby’s expressions to projectile unleashings of poop and urine then read no further.”

Poor little Isa was still battling his cold this morning when he woke up at 5am, full of mucus and gas, looking up at us with these pathetic eyes saying “Hey you big people that take care of me, I’m having a hard time here.”  So Eduardo bravely ventured out in the cold, dark morning to the 24hr drugstore to get saline drops for Isa’s nose. We administered the drops into each nostril while restraining his flailing arms.  Of course most of it ended up in his eyes, ears and mouth (which he LOVED), but enough got into his nose because shortly after I removed a yellow body from one nostril that his father quickly identified as a “nose goblin,” so that must mean its working.

In addition to his case of the sniffles, Isa is also having his first bout with constipation. He hadn’t pooped in two days and while Eduardo cringed at the mention of “suppository,” I was prepared to take any and all measures to make his grumpiness more comfortable.  Thankfully it didn’t come to that because his Aunt Feezy sent good poop vibrations and it worked!  A few hours later—success and a big glorious mess. I was never so happy to clean up poop before.  It’s funny how relative things are.  My sister-in-law Michelle, mother of 3 and a pediatric nurse, said in her wisdom that when she worked in the Pediatric ICU, the sound of a baby crying was a cause to rejoice because it meant the little one possessed the strength enough to complain about life.

Well our Isa is coming through his first bump in the road with flying colors.  Tomorrow he will be 12 weeks old and I just spent an hour taking all the 3-6 month old clothes out of his dresser and putting in the 6-12 month sizes.  Yes, he is a big boy!  (By the way, anyone interested in bags of hardly worn baby boy clothes?)


One response to “Baby got Backed up

  1. way to go,kid.

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