A Look into the Heart


It’s supposed to be spring, but with temps in the 30’s we had to bundle up today on our way to another Dr. apt. We were running a little late, but when I saw Isa in this precious outfit I just had to take a picture. It was a rush and I didn’t have time to get the lighting right, so I snapped this with a flash, which I rarely do, but in this case, I think it really works. His expression perfectly matches his suit in its absurdity.



Today’s visit was with a Pediatric Cardiologist to check out a murmur in Isa’s heart. They had detected it at birth and again yesterday at his 3 month check up so our pediatrician sent us for a follow up. It turns out Isa has a benign condition called Mild Pulmonary Stenosis which means his right atrium is working a bit harder to pump blood to the lungs because the valve that separates them is slightly constricted. Apparently it is fairly common and is almost always asymptomatic. It’s the kind of condition that you’re aware of and watch but don’t do anything about. Western medicine is weird like that. We have such terribly sophisticated diagnostic tools that we are able to detect all sorts of irregularities that we never could have identified and measured before so that even benign conditions that require no action have imposing, serious sounding names. We are incredibly grateful that everything for Isa checked out OK, but it makes you wonder what the value of so much testing is if all that it brings us is more worry?


One response to “A Look into the Heart

  1. OMG! He is adorable in that outfit.

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

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