From Mommy to Nanny to Mommy Again


Above, Isa with his Wonderful Granny Dani on Easter

MommyMonny—Manny—Nanny—Nammy—NommyMommy : From Mommy to Nanny to Mommy Again

Today was the first day Maribel, our amazing nanny, came to watch Isa while I went back to work for reals. The landscape of my work day is dramatically different as a whole new set of concerns now occupy my mind. In addition to the ususal lesson plans, student meetings, grading and lab maintenance, I can now add pumping milk, drinking enough water and being as efficient as possible to make sure I get everything done BEFORE 3:30pm! No more late nights in the lab. I thought about this as I excused myself from a meeting and retreated to my office where I closed the shades over the windows (which over look my classroom) for the first time ever and hooked up my breast to pump while I typed out worksheets with one hand. I resisted the urge to call home “just to check in” because I really want Maribel to feel trusted. I want her to feel comfortable so she can be herself with Isa and form a loving bond organically without my incessant watching and interfering. We are so incredibly blessed and lucky to have found Maribel, a native of Mexico and mother of three, she is an angel. She has a warm loving smile and is so sweet and gentle. I am totally confident in her ability to care for Isa and when I came home after school today, I could see that things went remarkably well. She and Isa were happily sitting on the couch as she was feeding him his second bottle of the day. I could see him looking into her eyes laughing out loud. She had done such a good job—she had washed him, oiled his head, mosturized his face, and he was wearing a clean onesie. He was clean and happy and I was delighted.

Not to mention, the house looked cleaner than when I left this morning! Not only did Maribel do an excellent job with Isa, but she straightened the living room, cleaned the sink and took out the garbage!

OK, so here’s the thing: she did a better job than me! As my good friend Clare (mother of one and expecting number two this summer) told me sometimes the nanny trumps the mommy and rather than feel threatened by that I am completely elated because this is best for Isa and HE IS ALL THAT MATTERS NOW AND FOREVER.

Isa didn’t put up any fuss when I left this morning nor did he make a big statement about my return, but when I picked him up for a hello cuddle, I got a sweet warm smile. We spent my first ½ hour home sitting on the couch nursing and he laughed with his mouth full of milk while Aunt Feezy’s rainbow maker projected dancing prisms of light all around us. Isa drifted into a blissful sleep and now I’m preparing to start work on tomorrow’s lesson’s plans.

The way I see it, Isa has 3 parents: me, Eduardo and now Maribel and this can be a good thing, each of us giving him our all when we’re with him. (Maribel will be watching Isa Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30am, when Eduardo leaves for work, to 4pm, when I return. Then Eduardo will be with him on Tuesday and Thursday.) I was so worried about my return to work but today was a good day. Things are going to work out just fine.


One response to “From Mommy to Nanny to Mommy Again

  1. Palma, I thought about you all day. My heart is filled with joy to know that you had a successful emergence back into teaching and that Isa was well taken care of. Marible sounds wonderful. I am so happy for you! Easter was terrific but we missed you.

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