14 Weeks Old today!


I’m exhausted and Isa is having a rough night. His Poppa is walking him around the kitchen/living room loop right now as he’s fussing and moaning. We think he may be having teething pain because he tries to chomp on everything that gets near his mouth. My second week back at work has caught up with me and I long for a full night’s sleep. The weekend will soon be here.

Tuesday night we had a wonderful visit with Anna, Eduardo’s goddaughter from Mexico. She loved meeting Isa and we got this nice picture of them together. We hope to bring Isa to Mexico this summer to meet the rest of his extended family there. Got to go. . . I can hear little Isa having a meltdown in the other room.  I guess the Mescal I rubbed on his gums didn’t quite do the trick.



One response to “14 Weeks Old today!

  1. Oh what a beautiful chubby baby face!
    in order for that old Mexican remedy to work, you have to rub that Mescal on YOUR gums too!
    I hope everything quietens down up there in the Bronx, so that you all can get some sleep! Try te de manzanilla

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