Becoming a Mom


Since I’ve been back at work, I’m afraid my posts have suffered. My creative juices are nearly dry. I’m basically just towing the line here until Eduardo takes up the pen again. I’m a much more visual person anyway, so I’m happy to post photos. I’ve been trying to capture his laugh and I haven’t succeeded yet. He only really laughs when he’s looking into your eyes, so if I have the camera out, its impossible because he just gets so mesmerized by the shiny metal thingy in front of my face that all I get are these deep stares, like above.

I was happy to be home early today while the sun was still out so I laid Isa on the bed to photograph him in the late afternoon light. We giggled and laughed and enjoyed the expressions on each other’s face. We are co-evolving, us two, blooming in our love affair that gets stronger each day. I’m learning what sounds and sights he likes; he’s remembering my face, my voice, my smell. I’m learning to read his language and he’s learning to trust that I will. I’m feeling my confidence grow in my ability to nurture and soothe him. I may not always “know” what to do, but when I’m connected in with Isa, I know what feels right. I guess I’m really becoming a mom.

P.S. This picture makes me laugh. If Isa was a gangster, this would be his Mug shot:



One response to “Becoming a Mom

  1. i love his mugshot and your description of connecting made me cry!
    he is SO cute:)
    i haven’t forgotten about the present either!

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