Playtime is Serious Business





In the last few days, Isa has discovered the world of toys.  His main activity is to bang them “Bam Bam” style with a relentless right swing.  He alternates this with efforts to then shove whatever it is into his mouth, but he usually misjudges his aim and ends up getting a mouthful of fist, which seems to please him just as well.  You can see from some of his expressions above that playtime is serious business.  He’s all concentration as every fiber strains to coordinate his body to his will, every movement a full blown effort.  Exciting as this all is, it’s at this stage where play can quickly slip over the edge into frustration and a meltdown, so I have to watch for the signs of when he’s had it.  Slowly, slowly I’m beginning to see his control taking form as the little boy begins to emerge from the baby.


One response to “Playtime is Serious Business

  1. …for those of us who are thousands of miles away,who must track the emergence of the boy from the baby from these posts,it seems that the last two weeks have been devoted to eyebrow-realization!maybe it’s just the pictures,but I see a distinct pronouncement of the browage,since the april 14th post–Ruiz browage,no less!YAY browage!

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