Isa Meet & Greet


Since our regular babysitter Maribel could not come this week and all our other baby sitting options fell through, Isa ended up with me at school today. He was a huge hit with my students and he was so good with everyone holding him and talking to him. He absolutely loved it–he’s so incredibly social. After lunch, I popped Isa inside the Moby sling where he promptly fell asleep through my afternoon class on the brain and nervous system. He was so snuggled inside that he was entirely covered except for a comical hand clutched to the edge of the fabric. After the initial excitement of seeing him, my students and I soon forgot about the sleeping baby strapped to my body except for the occasional snore that would escape from deep inside the swaddle. It was such a joy to share him with so many people today and to watch his excited reactions to all the new places and faces. I love stepping back to watch the world greet Isa and to see him reaching out to it in amazement.


One response to “Isa Meet & Greet

  1. I LOVE THAT!!!
    …it seems like the kind of far away memory a boy could have for life,that represents such comfort and security,sleeping while listening to mommy talk and carry on business–also,think of the picture of the woman doing it all,that those highschool girls got to witness!

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