That’s How We Roll, Son!

That’s how we roll Back from one of the best excursions Isa and Papa have had in the outside world to date. Perfect balmy weather and a happy fat baby in his peanut trolling through the park

I’m totally opposed to fighting–espousing non-violence in general–but if he had to, my baby could totally take your baby down. Don’t deny it. no mess 2

You know it’s true.

See… he’s been working out, mastering the sacred arts of the Infant Bushido masters: tummy time, grabbing Papa’s beard, and practicing his paralyzing crow-shriek.

isa don’t take no mess 

 So, you see… not that he would ever do it, but Isa could swipe your baby’s bottle, steal it’s diaper, and still have time to catch a nap before your baby even knew what happened. It’s all numbers. Isa’s bigger than 95 % of babies his age, so you’d better be nice or you might get stomped!


Coming Soon: Why the television (or at least Cable) must go!


One response to “That’s How We Roll, Son!

  1. AAAAAHHHHHAha-ha-ha-ha!
    this made me laugh outloud,Eddie–paralyzing crow-shriek!–the chart!–HAH!!!!

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