Thanks to the little boy who made my 1st Mother’s Day so wonderful!

Here’s the whole gang at our gathering in Prospect Park yesterday–

Uncle Bernie, Grani Dani, Isababy & Popa Smurf. No, we are not a normal family.



3 responses to “Thanks!

  1. yay MALMAPALMA!
    I wish I could’ve been there to take the picture so you could be in it–what,no friendly strangers in Prospect park?…oof, what a handsome family.I miss everyone.Isa,I love your hat and your skyward gaze.You are a powerful baby.LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE!

  2. Isa=Cuteus Maximus. Fear his cuteness!

  3. Isa, you are so beautiful! I think your figure is simply delicious. love watching your adventures and reading the wonderful stories your mama and poppa write about you. Where is your beautiful mama, by the way? Feezy has a point.. Gorgeous family, but missing the hot mama!

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