18 Weeks Old Today!


As you can see below, our Bumbo has just arrived! And it looks as if Isa’s bum won’t fit in it for long. I put him in the seat for the first time the other night and he seemed to like it. It allows him to sort of sit up by himself and engage with the world from a verticle perspective instead of always being on his back. But when it was time to get out, I had to have Eduardo hold the seat down to unwedge Isa’s bum from the bumbo! Not sure how I would have managed it with just two hands!


Here you can see the fruits of Isa’s hard work at tummy time. He is the master of his upper body now and can hold himself up for as long as 5 minutes at a time! Amazing!



One response to “18 Weeks Old Today!

  1. oh,for crying out loud,have mercy!Curb thy cuteness!…Thy cheeks overfloweth with sunshine!

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