The Country, darling


We just got back from the country and for a day we saw how the other half lives.

Our friend Barry invited us and several other rambunctious teachers to his estate in Livingston, NY. This was an event not to be missed. A restored antique house, fine wine, chicken fights in the pool, and once the babies went to sleep—skinny dipping in the dark and other late night cavorting.

Little Liam (Clare & Jon’s son) and Isa fully enjoyed themselves; Liam walking and talking–pointing to Isa saying, “Baby” and Isa grinning in return. These pictures on the lawn give you a glimpse of Barry’s extraordinary view. Ahhhh, the country. . .


I think Isa is showing a very regal air here. He’s looking at me and saying, “I could get used to this.”


On another note, we had a wonderful visit with our beautiful Aunt Feezy on Tuesday. She came up to the Boogie Down Bronx to meet Isa for the first time and it was love at first sight for both of them. Isa was flirting and cooing and loving her smile. We love you Aunt Feezy! We can’t wait to see you again very soon.



2 responses to “The Country, darling

  1. Isa!!!!
    I miss you already!Please give your beautiful mama a big hug and kiss for me and then do the same for your beautiful daddy!Happy Fathers day,Eddie–you were born to be a dad.I am in love and awe of the Repole-Ruiz’s!Can I BE one?I think ‘feezy-repole-ruiz’has a nice ring to it-n’est pas?It can be an honorary title…cousin Janet says WOOF.

  2. victor ramirez

    el niño parace que llego al mundo conociendo todos sus derecho de ser humano, pues no tiene la mirada indefensa de un bebe. Se le ve la mirada retadora de alguien que sabe que tiene derechos y que espera mucho de la gente a su alrededor. Seguro que nadie habia echo estas observaciones, pero esas son las impresiones que recibi yo. A ver que resulta de este muchacho, ya veremos, pero no es alguien que va a esperar sentado a ver que le dan, el ya esta exigiendo su parte del pastel.

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