Happy Father’s Day


Dani, Isa and Edo at Spring Street Natural for Father’s Day! We had a wonderful time. Isa got to see all the beautiful people of Soho on parade. His winning smile, superstar looks, and extraordinary fashion style turned a few heads his way too. Speaking of superstars, Adrian Brody was having lunch right next to us and Edo kept saying he was going to go over to him and ask if he’d hold the baby for a photo which we were going to post on the blog. Of course, being sophisticated New Yorkers we didn’t dare, but it was fun to joke about. After lunch, we checked out the Open Center book store and browsed while a rain storm passed. Isa slept in his carriage and Edo curled into a lounge chair with a book.


The next day we went to my brother’s house in New Jersey. Isa got his own little yellow tub/pool to play in while his cousins (Rachel, David & Hannah) delighted themselves in entertaining his grumpiness all weekend.


Isa even took a grab at Pop Pop’s nose! He wanted to check out what kind of nose he was in store for!



One response to “Happy Father’s Day

  1. IsaBaby,
    I am in Adelaide, Australia. I wish I could tell you about kangaroos and koalas, but I have seen nary a spider yet. Anyway, your picture is the most beautiful thing I could see here -you and your Poppa and your Dani (muy fetching!)at Spring St Natural. Adrian Brody should have held the camera -your Mama’s photo-op beats his any day. I sing tomorrow, but tonight I sang ‘Beautiful Boy’ just for you.

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