Big Chair Dwarfs Boy



Isa sat in his high chair for the FIRST time yesterday and he actually looked small in there! He loved being eye-level with all the action at the table and we gave him the cup Dani got for him which he used to bang vigorously on the tray. Isa’s not eating any food yet, but we’ll be ready soon. So far he’s a 21lbs free-range, breast-fed baby. When he reaches 6 months (in a couple weeks) we’ll be ready to enter the world of mushy food. Aunt Maura got us a book on how to make our own:
I haven’t had time to read much of it yet, but I get the general idea—buy fresh organic, steam, blend to mush, then freeze or serve—voila!

Poor Isa is just mesmerized by the whole eating process and he’s desperate to get some into his mouth too. It must be some kind of terrible torture for him. His gaze fixes on you as soon as you lift something to your mouth. You could be clear across the room, but as soon as you get ready to eat something, he’s stopped what he was doing to laser focus on you. His eyes intently tracking the spoon entering the bowl, scooping up the cereal, entering your mouth—the whole process utterly FASCINATING! He furrows his eyebrows and begins to shake all over, arms desperately reaching out to grab the magnificent thing that you are shoveling into your face. It’s something like how a dog watches you when you eat, shaking with a desire he can barely contain. That’s Isa. I have a feeling he’ll take to eating solids with much gusto.
This intense interest in eating goes along with a new personality trait for Isa in general; in the last few weeks, he has begun to communicate his wants, as opposed to his needs. In the first 4-5 months, basically every moan, whimper, cry or fuss was an expression of discomfort for something he needed, like food, being held or sleep. Now, Isa is beginning to express his desire for things he wants, like to hold a particular toy or to put his mouth on the end of your glass (one of his favorite things to do). This is a huge transformation. We are witnesses the emergence of his will, crossing the threshold from infancy to some new territory. I have a feeling the easy part is about to end!




4 responses to “Big Chair Dwarfs Boy

  1. Isa,now I’m convinced that you absolutely know what’s up with this camera-business…like,you KNOW there are people out there looking at your picture,so you spend your tummy-time thinking up and practicing new poses,which with to DAZZLE us….

  2. My goodness he’s cute! Hope we see you all on 4th of July!

  3. awww. so cute. just look at those huge blue eyes.

  4. I haven’t been to Isa’s blog in a long time and I just sat here now…for the longest…catching up on all his busy goings on.
    I can’t believe how much he’s grown and those EYES!!! wow!
    What an absolutely beautiful family.
    My belated, yet sincere wishes to Palma and Poppa Smurf (loved that one Dana)..on their first Mother’s and Father’s Days.
    God Bless and Keep You All.

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