A Week of Firsts



You HAVE to click on the thumbnails above to see how incredibly cute Isa is in his new chair. This is the first time Isa sat in this lounge chair Eddie insisted we buy for him. It’s meant for a much older kid, so for now it’s just for show that we let Isa sit in it. You’ll notice the glass (plastic) in his hands too. He HAD to have his own glass at all times, especially when he saw the adults drinking from theirs. I couldn’t get a sip of water without risking Isa’s yanking it out of my hands completely.

We just got back from a few days in Maine. Maura, Isa and I went to visit Nancy at her house in Camden. It was Isa’s first big road trip—7 hours, dear lord. God Bless the little guy; he slept most of it and only cried a few times when he’d really had it. It was a week of many firsts. He road in his stroller facing forward like a big boy for the first time. We hiked up a mountain (500 feet vertical) with Isa in the Moby sling for the first time. We even took a sunset cruise on a two mast wooden sailboat for the first (and last) time. This was my most challenging moment as a mother yet. No sooner had the boat left the dock, did Isa begin to fuss and moan in what’s becoming an all too familiar routine. My once pleasantly peaceful newborn is beginning to bud into a sometimes cranky and willful big baby. Instant panic set in and I think Isa could smell my fear as we were trapped on the boat and I couldn’t even get up to walk him around. The gentle waves rolling by did nothing to sooth him and my efforts to dislodge all the gas from his system (that I assumed to be the culprit) served to incite his fury further. I was in a quiet desperation. There was nothing I could do. As the sun set over the mountains behind us, a pink moon, large and full rose over the horizon of a small island off shore, reflecting in the still water around us. It was the breathtaking view everyone had paid their money to see and instead of listening to the water lap the sides of the boat, instead of meditating to the soft cries of seagulls and the distant toll of the buoy bells, we all had front row seats to the hard-rock extravaganza called Isa’s freak-out! Yes, I was one of those mother’s who’d brought her baby on a sailboat at that hour and who did I think I was disturbing all those guests who’d paid good money for a relaxing cruise at sunset on their vacation, what nerve, how outrageous. Yes, that was me. Live and learn. That will be Isa’s last boat ride for a while.


Isa’s first sunglasses. Here we can see his budding rock star tendencies. He insisted on wearing these glasses everywhere, even indoors. We told him it was pretentious, but he knew he looked good and could get away with it. Watch out Bono!


Happy Family at brunch in Brooklyn. This was Isa’s FIRST time in a restaurant high chair (even though you can’t see it)!



4 responses to “A Week of Firsts

  1. mmmm THIS chair is just right!

    oxoxoxoxoxox to my boy
    Granny Dani

  2. Grand Auntie Donna

    What a spectacular child!! Isa is incredible and his personality really shines through in the pictures. He’s going to be very, very busy really soon!! So enjoyed the website, thanks!
    Love To All,

  3. ….sorry to have to get all serious for a second,but I am imagining you,Isa,as a grown man-maybe 30 years from now,looking at the top pictures and sighing,saying”aah,I remember when all it took to make me happy was a cup and a chair!…”–it makes me want to start trying to think more like a baby-just be gleeful about simple comforts…thanks,Isa–you are a wise leader…and I love your expressive feet!

  4. Isa’s sunglasses are too cool! I’ll let cousin Evan know he has a future drummer:) I love your stories Palma. Maine sounded excellent. And good for you being brave enough to bring him on the boat.
    Has his disposition really changed? Not my Isa!

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