Isa’s Friends and Family


Isa LOVES his Aunt Maura! Not only was she was present for his birth, but Maura has has helped us out so many times in so many ways–we couldn’t do it without her. Isa loves it when Aunt Maura talks to him and shows him how to make clicking sounds with your mouth.

Today we went to visit my cousin Melissa who had her baby, Brenna, 3 weeks ago. Look how tiny and beautiful she is. We didn’t put Isa anywhere near her–he’s such a bruiser he might have squashed her.


Here’s Isa with his cousin Colette, Melissa’s sister. Colette is a huge fan of Isababy’s blog and checks in on us all the time. It was so great to see her and catch up with all that’s new in her life. (Can you see the roll of fat peeking out from under his shirt!)


Here’s Isa with his Uncle Nardo (Eddie’s brother). Isa loves his antique silver rattle that Uncle N brought back from Dubai for him, but we put it on the shelf when the metal got soft from Isa’s vigorous gnawing. Bernardo–you’re a natural! Come baby sit for us ANY time!



2 responses to “Isa’s Friends and Family

  1. Dear little Isa, I am sitting in the patio of Las Embajadoras, Guanajuato, thousands of miles away from you, looking at your beutiful face, and remembering when I used to bring your Uncle Ber and your Poppa here when they were your age. Thanks to the absolute miracle of the internet, yo

  2. ooops
    you are here too!

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