Isa Eats

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Isa started eating “solid” food this week.  You can see how it’s going.


2 responses to “Isa Eats

  1. Hi, Palma- its Amber from HSES!
    I love the Isa Blog- I have to say this is my favorite clip- I love his expressions.
    My son is two months older than Isa- although he only weighs 18 1/2 lbs! he is more in the 50th percentile…. I love your blog and see Isa often- cant wait to see him in person.
    love amber

  2. How is he doing with “solid” food now?
    My son, Taejin (Gabriel but we call him Taejin) loves applesauce. I mix with Oatmeal and microwave just a little bit. I hope he is eating better…
    I loved the video!

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