Back from Cancun . . .

. . . and a little worse for the wear. The trip was extremely stressful (I’ll spare you the horrid details). Isa and I both got bad colds that we’re nearly recovered from now. The stress of getting sick though, has taken its toll on my milk production, so now my entire focus is to get well, stay relaxed and rested and meditate on making milk! I’m also going to try fenugreek, an herb that is said to aid in milk production.


Despite our illness, there were some highlights to our trip. It began with the purchase of a brand new “umbrella” stroller that would be compact and portable for the plane. Here is Isa looking smart in his red wheels strolling down 7th Ave Park Slope, Brooklyn.

The plane ride itself was uneventful which was a blessing. Isa was very good–he slept a bit, then played a bit and was very curious about all the lights and sounds the plane was making. A few walks back and forth to the bathroom were enough to keep him entertained for the flight.

The first day we got to the resort, Isa met an older woman (actually two!) This is Rebecca. She’s 8 months old and quite a looker. Isa gave her the full charm treatment–batting his hands in her face, trying to pull her hair and making all kinds of affectionate gurgling sounds. Click on the thumbnails below to see their exchange. Isa kind of looks like the goofy, short, chubby guy at the bar hitting on the beautiful lady.


The next day, a lovely Mexican family (3 generations!) sat on the lounge bed next to me and Isa by the pool. There was a mom and dad, 3 daughters, and a grandmother and they were all enamored with Isa. The abuela especially couldn’t keep her hands off him. Every hour or so, they would come over to our lounge and scoop him up for a walk or photos, such as this one:


Isa and my dad, Pop Pop, had some nice quality time together. Isa is my Dad’s 8th grandchild! (not to mention his 7 Great-grandchildren!) Eddie thinks Isa looks a lot like my dad.


Isa was not a big fan of the beach. The waves scared him so we only stayed by the edge. I brought him down to the water for a few minutes each day, hoping he’d get more comfortable. The Carribean Sea was gorgeous. I longed to be able to jump in, but with no one to watch Isa, I had to be satisfied just looking. (I did manage to take a 15 min dip on the last day while my Dad held Isa by the shore. )


isa-mommy-cancun.jpg isa-mommy-cancun-ii.jpg


2 responses to “Back from Cancun . . .

  1. Wow, Palma,
    He is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. What a cutie!!!
    You look great too.
    Have fun with Isa!
    (Your father looks good too…)
    From Young

  2. i am hysterical about the chubby guy at the bar reference!
    he is so adorable and i am glad that you met some nice people in Mexico. so sorry to hear that you were sick:( feel better sweetie.

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