PV: Pioneer Village Weekend

We just got back from a great weekend at Incarnation Camp PV: Pioneer Village, a camp in CT where Eduardo went in his childhood. As it turns out in a strange coincidence of events, my good friend Pete happens to be the camp director now and he insisted that we come stay in his cabin. We had a great time. Sitting by the lake yesterday listening to nothing but the sounds of birds and the breeze, I felt truly relaxed for the first time all summer.

Highlights include:

-Watching Pete serve the campers ice cream floats from the dock of the lake while the campers, swimming on floats themselves, had to catch the ice cream in their cups of root beer.

-Participating in one the day’s “festival” activities: Freestyle Baby Lounge with Isa.  This was put on the board as an activity choice for the kids.  It basically consisted of me, edo, Isa and about 20 campers hanging out by the lake talking about babies and life.  While the girls took turns holding Isa, the boys mostly took turns holding the girls.  Isa soon fell asleep so the campers took to playing mommy and baby with each other.  It was a ridiculous senario with pairs of campers burping and patting each other to sleep, but Pete told us later that PV typically does weird activities like that so we fit in perfectly.

-Watching Eduardo sail a sunfish around the lake.  The wind died on him so it took about 2 hours for him to tack back, but I think he enjoyed it.

-While Eduardo was out on kayak the next day, he came across a few of the younger campers on the other side of the lake practicing their song for chapel that night.  Apparently they had been instructed to learn the song “I’d like to teach the world to sing,” but none of them knew the words or the melody so Eduardo helped them out with a few verses.   



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