Eating Progress Report

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Isa is still not really eating any food.  I’m lucky if I can get 2 or 3 teeny tiny spoonfuls of anything in him and he always makes this face.  You’d think I gave him a sour lemon instead of lovely, sweet peaches.


One response to “Eating Progress Report

  1. Hey Palma- He is so yummy-
    Some babies tend to hate the texture of baby food too thin and watery for them. he may like real food mashed up- or a thicker texture – try stage 3 food.
    Bijan hates the real food -loves his baby food and loves baby yogurt. Bijan is turning 10 months in two weeks so we are trying to get him used sippy cups and move away from bottles and try real people food. Although they have their own timings for everything.
    Life is so interesting isn’t it? Just when I think I have it down with the baby he changes everything- and then I try to figure it out again.
    ha ha…

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