Ready for the Tour



Here are Isa & Popa rocking out on Uncle Osvaldo’s conga the other night. We had a really great time as Aunt Maura cooked us a yummy dinner with Mole she brought back from Mexico. But Isa especially loved the drum! This boy has music in his blood. If any friends or family are ever trying to think what would be a good gift for Isa, think musical instruments! When I played this video back on the computer the next day, Isa was sitting on the floor with his toys and as soon as he heard the drum he looked straight at the computer and started shaking and yelling with excitement. I can’t imagine what he must think of the computer, this strange bright light that mommy and popa spend so much time staring at and occasionally it replays events from his life.

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So Isa has a new babysitter starting next Tuesday when I go back to school. It’s Maria, Maribel’s sister. She came over yesterday to meet Isa and spend some time with him. It was so funny because when she was walking down the hallway, Isa and I stepped out the door to greet her and as she approached, Isa got more and more excited in my arms. He thought he was seeing Maribel coming because she and Maria look so much alike. It was really wonderful. He took to her instantly and reached out his arms to be held. What a relief! Going back to work is hard enough, I’m grateful that Isa feels comfortable with Maria, the “new” Maribel.

***NEWSFLASH*** Isa likes Egg Yolk! This is the 1st food he actually opens his mouth for more. He even reached out to grab it. Yeah for egg yolk!


3 responses to “Ready for the Tour

    so THAT’S what you were trying to do at the dinner table at Josie’s!–you needed a drum!
    …oooh,maybe you need a marimba!percussion AND melody!hmmm…..oh,except the mallets might be a problem…I’ll keep thinking…I miss you guys.I send you a continuous stream of hugs…

  2. i think we have a future percussionist in the midst. Already he looks like a natural. Love it!

  3. what a cute baby n good percussionist!

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