Area Baby Hangs Out Way Past Bedtime



Recently, Isa Baby was out way past his bedtime at a restaurant on the Upper West Side with none other than the beautiful and talented Fiona Apple. The two were seen chatting away for the whole evening having a fabulous time together. Onlookers said Isa impressed the singer/songwriter with a display of his budding percussion talents on the table. While Isa, in turn, was enamored with Fiona’s beautiful smile and cuddly lap. When asked about how cranky he’d be on the ride home at the end of such a late evening, Isa responded that it “was totally worth it.” The two plan to get together again very soon. Isa’s checking his schedule and says a west coast trip is in the works for the near future. We love you Fiona!


3 responses to “Area Baby Hangs Out Way Past Bedtime

  1. AlreadyIsa is getting the attention from the pretty ladies with that luscious grin of his. Way to go Isa!

  2. AAHH!I made the cover of ISABABY!!–this is, doubtless, the high-point of my career…Isa,i’ll be back in October–the nightlife awaits us!

  3. They both look gorgeous and glowing in all of these. But oh my, that photo on the bottom-left is PRICELESS. sigh…

    PS Feezy? hee.

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