End of Summer


What a week! So much is going on. Isa’s adjusting to my being back at work and Eduardo and I are figuring out our morning routine of watching Isa while we both get ready for work.  Isa and Maria are getting to know each other and are settling into their daily routine too. Maria is amazing. She takes Isa out each day for long walks and she’s trying to get him to eat food too. She tells me that she’s never seen a baby not eat food and be so big in her life! We can’t figure him out.  But the summer is definitely over. These pictures were taken at our last day at my brother’s pool.  Even though he’s smiling below with his cousin Rachel, Isa unfortunately never got comfortable in the water as I had hoped.  He got really upset if you brought him too far from the steps.  He doesn’t even like to be in the bath tub, preferring instead the cramped basin of the kitchen sink which he has ridiculously grown too big for months ago.  Perhaps we’ll try a swim class this fall somewhere.  Tomorrow we’re looking forward to seeing Grani Dani and Uncle Bernardo in Central Park, so more pictures to come!



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