Sunday in the Park


We had a lovely day in the park Sunday with Dani, Uncle Bernardo, Aunt Maura & Uncle Osvaldo. It was great to hear about Dani’s summer in Mexico and catch up with Bernardo’s busy life. Here is Isa chomping on Dani’s bracelet–in fact, he’s cutting his 1st tooth! Aunt Maura noticed a small white spot on his gum that seemed to get bigger the next day. Isa’s first little pearly white is making its way out. I got so emotional when I saw it–my baby with a tooth!!?? How can that be? All of a sudden, it seems he’s made this magnificent leap out of babyhood. It’s happened so quickly that I can’t seem to wrap my mind around it. Wasn’t he just a little bitty baby yesterday?

isa-dani-ii.jpg isa-dani-central-park.jpg

We’re on my 2nd week back at school and Isa is on to me by now. He’s figured out that my hurried rushing around in the mornings means that I’m getting ready to leave and when he sees me getting dressed and heading for the door, he begins to really let me know he’s not happy about it. This morning I went to give him and his popa a kiss goodbye, only to have him reach out and cling to me with his chubby little fists (Isa that is). Eduardo had to distract him while I made my quiet exit, all the while fighting the urge to cry. Being tuned into Isa’s emotional life keeps my emotions raw and exposed–everything makes me cry these days. I lost it watching the Animal Planet the other day when I saw a baby mere cat die from starvation on Mere Cat Manor. I feel like I’m living without my protective layer of skin–I feel everything a thousand times more intensely. I know Isa is doing great–he’s happy, fat, and curious about his world–a perfect 8-month-old. But I can’t stop worrying–he’s not eating food yet, is that normal? He never poops. What are we going to do? So it helps when Eduardo gives me a hug and kiss and rubs my feet and reminds me to let it all go because all is well and we are really very blessed.


One response to “Sunday in the Park

  1. Just checked in on you and read this lovely post. Everything is fine! it is ok that he doesn’t want food or fill his diaper all that much. The next thing you know he’ll be doing both so much you’ll wish he’d stop. As you noted, it all goes by so fast.

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