Isa Meets a TV Celebrity Sunday; Poops Monday


Check out who stayed down the hall from us at our Bed & Breakfast in CT last weekend–none other than Butch Patrick, better known as Eddie Munster from the TV show The Munsters. Below is the photo that Eddie (mine, not the Munster) is holding in his hand. Our celebrity sighting over breakfast in the sleepy town of Goshen, CT made our day. Isa got his autograph too.


After breakfast, we took Isa to a toy store and Papa and I spruced up Isa’s toy collection a bit. We had noticed that the poor little basket of toys in the living room was looking painfully bare as Isa has grown bored with and/or grown out of the small collection of squeaky, chewy things we had for him. It was time for a couple of new toys for Isa to explore. I got him an electronic drum which totally satisfies the little boy urge to bam bam. Eduardo got him a couple of educational placemats, a large nurf ball good for rolling back and forth and a Curious George stuffed animal, which Isa laughs at every time he sees.


In other news (stick with me here because this is BIG)– Isa pooped last night. If you knew how long it’s been, you’d be excited too. Suddenly in the middle of jumping up and down in his excersaucer, the poor little guy got red in the face and pushed with all his might, shaking and grunting. It caused a strange split in me: half of me was really feeling his pain while the other half wanted to laugh out loud because the faces and sounds he was making were hysterical. Of course I didn’t dare let Isa see me laughing–don’t want to give the boy poop hangups. Instead, I made encouraging empathetic grimaces and grunts along with his acting as a kind of pooping cheerleader to help him through it. (It reminded me of Eduardo and Judith coaching me through my labor pains) When all was done and cleaned up, Isa had a very good sleep last night.


One response to “Isa Meets a TV Celebrity Sunday; Poops Monday

  1. Yay!a family picture!Yay Isa Munster!Yay poop!

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