We’re in for it now!

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Isa is on the verge of crawling and our lives are hanging in the balance. We knew this day would come, but oh my, we shutter with fear to think of what lies ahead. Here you can see him executing his soldier crawl –even his little toes are working the traction on the wood floor.

Here I am with my bundle of boy last weekend at our bed & breakfast in the Berkshires.



3 responses to “We’re in for it now!

  1. You ARE in for it now. He looks like he’s ready to move and have you chase after him 🙂
    It won’t be long before he tries to pull himself up to standing position. Ahhh – Independence – gotta love it! You both look fabulous in that picture where you are wearing your glasses.

  2. THAT is a great picture of you guys!I want a copy!And I’m a comin’ ta git it!

  3. Your baby is so cute!

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