Mommy’s Birthday Present

I really ought to be asleep (It’s 12:30am and I have school tomorrow!) but I just finished preparing tomorrow’s lesson and I wanted to put up a quick post about my wonderful Birthday weekend. Eduardo gave me an incredible gift: a Nikon digital SLR camera, so now I can really delve into my photography and my favorite subject, a little boy named Isa. Here is one of the very first pictures I took with my very amazing new camera:


The weekend was also marked by a couple of firsts for Isa. On Sunday, we joined some friends at a local park and Isa played in the sandbox for the first time. You can see his intense concentration on the little leaf he picked up with his pincer grasp.




And here is Isa taking his first bath in the big boy bathtub!



One response to “Mommy’s Birthday Present

  1. Happy Birthday Palma! Arie said he tried to plan something on Sat but then canceled it. Glad to hear you had a great birthday. Love the latest pictures. And way to go with the teeth. Keira’s two bottom teeth have arrived as well – they are sharp! Maybe we can all meet for dinner soon. I know Adam was thinking a group of us could go to this Hibachi Restaurant here in Bay Ridge….

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