Big Weekend; Little Cold


Even though Isa is here with a big smile and cookie crumbs on his chubby face having a ball in his exersaucer (that thing turned out to be worth every penny!), he actually has a little fever and cold. Nothing serious, according to the Doctor, but just enough to make sleeping a misery for us last night. The poor little guy was all snuffled up that he couldn’t breath lying down, so mommy and popa took turns sitting up so he could sleep propped up on our chest. I’m a bit of a walking zombie today–the price of motherhood!

Isa has two top teeth coming in to join his bottom ones for a full on bite now which I have had the pleasure of experience on several occasions. He’s easily moving around on the floor now–from lying on his belly to sitting up and back again. He also loves to stand up when you hold his hands and he’ll even take some steps if you walk slowly with him. Isa is so much fun now too. We make up games on the spot which send us both into laughing fits. Today Isa was playing the “Watch-mommy-pick-up-everything-I-throw-off-my- high-chair-table” game. Of course, Isa won. He shrieked with laughter as everything he threw down suddenly flew back onto the table from nowhere!

We had a big weekend too–I had a great night out Saturday with my girlfriends. We saw some amazing Flamenco dancing at Xunta Tapas Bar. Then on Sunday, Eduardo & I heard the Dalai Lama speak at Radio City Music Hall–beautiful, inspiring, and utterly human, a few hours in the audience of His Holiness was restorative for our hearts and souls.


Here are two more shots taken last weekend of Isa doing his new favorite thing–dumping all the toys out of the basket onto the floor. He can sit looking at everything in great contentment for as along as 30 minutes on his own. He gets really interested in the tiniest details of every toy. It’s fascinating to watch him move his little fingers with such delicate precision and concentration. I love that he’s patient and careful and interested in investigating everything he gets his hands on.


P.S. Is it me , or is Isa going through another phat stage??


One response to “Big Weekend; Little Cold

  1. Feel better Isa! Keira has just gotten over her fever and is as spritely as ever. Congrats on the teeth and standing up. How amusing it IS to watch mommy pick everything you throw down up again. Do it again! Thats it. Mommy just loves it!

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