A Walk in the Woods


Isa & I got out for a long walk in the woods with Aunt Maura and Uncle Ozzy this weekend while Popa (unfortunately) had to stay home and work. The spectacle of Fall colors was a visual feast for Isa. It was his first time in the backpack and his first real hike. He loved it and got pretty tuckered out:


Other “news” with Isa–he said what we think was his first word last week: “Agua.” I held a cup for him to sip and I said “Agua” and then he repeated it before he drank. Maria told me he’d done it before. The next day he did it again with his father. We’re waiting to see if it was a lucky combination of sounds or if he’s really got it down. On Friday, Isa’s combat crawl matured into full-on-all-fours crawl. He was batting around the cap to his bottle on the hardwood floor and chasing it at a swift clamber–he looked just like a kitten with a ball (well, a really fat kitten).  Eduardo and I have had some serious summits to discuss the very much needed, very overdue Baby-proofing of the house.  There’s been a lot of talk and research about what strategies we’re going to take.  I ordered a gate for the kitchen and an armoire to house the TV, DVD, VCR boobytrap because his walking days are fast approaching.  I just hope the shipments come before he finds his feet.  This morning Isa pulled himself up on my leg and actually stood with his own balance for about 1 second.  It sends chills of fear down the spine of every new parent!  Dear Lord, what will we do when he begins to walk?  It’s like the perfect storm–a teetering, uncoordinated mass of baby making sweeps through your house inserting everything within reach into its mouth

Oh yeah, and he’s got two more teeth:


Our fears aside, Isa is such a blast to hang out with; he laughs at everything–sounds, funny faces, tickles.  Eduardo and I look at each other in amazement–how on earth did we deserve such a blessing as this child?


2 responses to “A Walk in the Woods

  1. this last photo is either really cute,OR–a good background photo for a horror-movie-poster–
    “Nipple’s Nightmare!!!!!”

  2. Isa you are amazing and so ahead of the game – already almost walking and 4 teeth already. i can’t believe it! I remember holding you when you less than 2 weeks old. You are growing up so fast and you’re so beautiful.

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