Isa Eats Pasta

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Isa has finally embraced this eating business. He sure took his time about it. I’m not sure when it happened, but now he loves food. Here he is enjoying one of his favorites: cheesy pasta. Isa will eat anything if you dress it in cheese. But his tastes are expanding all the time. I gave him a little taste of my artichoke tonight to see if he’d like it and he nearly ate the whole thing. He even started to yell when I didn’t keep up the pace. I think he found it really fun to scrape his brand new little teeth against the soft leaves.

You’ll notice that he keeps blinking his eyes in an odd way at the start of the video.  He’s so funny–he’s learned that when a camera is held up to his face it is often followed by a bright flash, so he’s begun to do this squinting thing anticipating the blinding light.


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