The Joy of Isa


Isa is changing every day. He keeps up a constant stream of sounds and expressions–words are sure to be around the corner soon. He’s crawling all over the place too. Thankfully the gate has held up and kept him out of the danger daddy zone of tech gear and wires laying in wait. When Isa sees you stand up from the couch or a chair, he immediately assumes you’re playing the “I’m gonna get you!” game and he laughs hysterically as he does his version of high-tailing it across the room, which includes frequent sits to look back to make sure you’re still in pursuit, followed by more squeals of delight. He doesn’t get far because the whole point is to “get caught” and suffer a thousand kisses and tickles.



He’s an extraordinarily busy boy. (I love the Charlie Brown tongue of effort here!) So many things to get into, touch, taste, drop, look for, grab again, bang, taste some more, and so on. Here he is reading the latest reviews of the new Mac OS Leopard. So much news to keep up on!


Nothing like a nice bath after such a busy day. Aaaahhhhh!



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