Xmas Eve

The Repole/Ruiz clan just left our house for Xmas Eve festivities.  Eduardo and the baby are asleep.  I’ve cleared all the dishes and put the food away and I’m enjoying a few minutes of quiet under my little Xmas tree.  We had a blast tonight.  Everyone came over for Italian food and quality family time.  Isa had a ball with his cousins.  The highlight of the night was when Isa stood by himself in the middle of the room and held his balance while simultaneously reaching for a piece of cheese. When he successfully navigated the cheesy comestible to his mouth, the room broke out into a round of applause.  At first he joined in the clapping, (which of course threw him off balance and onto the floor) but then he quickly got overwhelmed by all the brew ha ha and burst into tears.  Poor thing.  He couldn’t figure out why a room full of people were shouting at him!

xmas-tree.jpg mermaid.jpg

edo-isa-mom.jpg isa-dani.jpg

hannah-pop-pop.jpg smothered-with-love.jpg

smile.jpg uncle-ber.jpgrepoles-xmas.jpg


One response to “Xmas Eve

  1. we had a great time!!!!!! Isa is an awesome child!!! happy and a beautiful disposition!!!!
    We Love You,
    Repoles South

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