Happy New Year!

We got back from LA Saturday and I just sat down to sort through the pictures. We had a wonderful time visiting Micky, Michael and Elva, and Fiona, Amber and Jonathan. We loved being by the beach, walking in the sunshine, taking Isa to the park, and having great meals with our friends. Unfortunately, Isa came down with a virus New Year’s Eve and spent most of the week congested and cranky. He’s much better now, but he’s still on west coast time and didn’t get to sleep until nearly 1am last night, which made my first day back to work today particularly challenging!

Here are some of the highlights of our week.

This is Isa playing with Elva in her “kitchen.” They hit it off wonderfully. Isa was in love at first sight. The next morning when he woke up and saw the kitchen, he said “Elva.” We also had our first experience with the challenge of sharing toys. Isn’t she beautiful? She looks just like Micky.



Here’s Micky, Elva and Isa at the local park where we had a lot of fun.

isa-mick-elva.jpg sandbox-ii.jpg


After all the fun in the sand, Isa & Elva went into the tub!




A typical sunset from Micky & Michael’s window.



Micky, Elva and Sumpy Fo Numpy getting ready to take a walk.


The Men with their babes in Venice.


Isa enamored (yet again) with beautiful Fiona.

fi-isa.jpg fi.jpg

Michael dressed Isa in Elva’s Gnome Halloween costume. Isa is not amused. You can see his runny nose poor little guy!



2 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. These are great! Thanks for posting. We miss you all terribly and wish you were still here. We had such a good time. Since you left, we have completely cleared out Elva’s room so it’s all hers now–only her stuff. As a result, all our stuff is in the middle of the living room floor. Ack. We’re hard at work sorting through it all. A photo of Isa and his postcard to Elva and Sumpy is on the fridge. LOVE, Mick

  2. Querido eduardo

    Es muy hermoso ver a un padre gozando de su hijo.
    Isa es hermoso.
    està bendecido con tanto amor a su alrededor.
    ojalà pronto lo conozcamos y a Palma tambièn

    te quiero

    Yo votarìa por Obama.

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