Isa’s Birthday Brunch

Wake up you sleepy head. Put on some clothes, shake up your bed. . .

Isa had a BIG day today! It started with a some quality snuggle time in bed, followed by a quick breakfast then off to our first swim class. He loved it. He’s the youngest one in the group, but he took to the water like a fish. We practiced putting our head under water, paddling forward and floating on our back. After 1/2 an hour, we were both exhausted. Isa was asleep again as soon as his head touched the car seat. But that was just a disco nap for the big afternoon we had ahead of us.


We met up with friends and family for a Birthday brunch in Brooklyn. It was so much fun. Isa got some lovely gifts from everyone, including an incredible pair of bongos from Granny Dani. You can see for yourself just how excited Isa was to play them.




We got to see folks we hadn’t seen in a long while. Cousin Jesse and Melinda brought little Cole. Here’s a picture of him with his grandma, Barrie.


Uncle Bernardo & Yamini got to catch up with Isa too.


Here’s Melissa with her daughter Kiera who turns one on Feb 2nd.


Unfortunately, with my hands occupied with Isa I didn’t get photos of everyone there, but here’s some of the gang that came out to celebrate today: Melissa, Pete, Adam & Dan.



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