The Yucks

Isa’s had the yucks for a month now. He got sick on New Year’s Eve and never really got better. The Dr. saw him 3 weeks ago and said it was just a little cold, nothing to do but wait it out. But it’s been weeks of a runny nose, coughs, near to no appetite and vomiting sometimes twice a day, which consequently means little sleep for Mama and Dada. I took him to the Dr. again yesterday and it turns out Isa has a double ear infection which was causing excessive mucus production, especially at night, with a post-nasal drip filling his belly, killing his appetite and causing him to gag and vomit every time he coughed. He actually lost a pound of weight. So he’s on antibiotics and now we wait for the improvement. But I can hear him in the other room coughing his head off as Eduardo tries to put him down to sleep, poor thing. I dare not nurse him in bed either, because that pretty much ensures he’ll throw it all up in a few minutes. Hopefully he’ll be feeling better soon.



2 responses to “The Yucks

  1. A note of solidarity and sorry–oooh,Isa…I am so sorry that your tour of yuckland began at my house!!–for what it’s worth,I am now the mayor here,at yuckland–our language is simple to learn;it is just a series of coughs,moans and sniffles…I cyber-hug you all now!

  2. I’m so sorry you are feeling sick Isa. Keira is just getting over what you got – she had a stomach virus for a week, yucking everything up and now has a mean cough and nasal drip. Something is going around! Your mommy and daddy are making sure you are well cared for – hopefully you’ll feel better in no time.

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