Last night Isa took all of the shoes that we keep lined up by the door and one by one he plopped them into the recycling bin, even Eduardo’s Tiberland boots!  It was hysterical to watch the expression of single-minded determination on his face as he figured out how to maneuver standing up with his hands full. I’ve noticed that Isa has been playing differently with many of his toys lately too.  The main activity of banging things is still a favorite, but he’s also taking time for more careful manipulation of smaller details.  For example, while we were playing this morning, Isa was able to put the circle through the shape sorter for the first time and he was so proud of himself when it went through.   And boy oh boy does Isa LOVE music.  Well, really any sound for that matter.  Isa dances all the time now—to the alarm clock (Picture our little chunky man sitting up in bed swinging his arms back and forth across his chubby torso to Abba’s Dancing Queen), to all the music on Sesame Street, to the sounds he hears outside.  He even dances to the news on the radio!  But if there’s one thing that grabs his attention more than anything else, it’s swing and big band music.  He really responds to the sound of a full band or orchestra playing a catchy rhythm.  It must be genetic since his Pop Pop has been a professional trombonist and conductor of big bands for close to 70 years, performing and recording with some of the greatest talents of the era.   


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