Isa is changing by leaps and bounds lately. In the last week he’s learned how to “throw” a ball and “brush” his teeth. Today he was able to put the right shapes into the musical shape sorter for the first time. Usually he just empties it and hands the circle, square and triangle to me one at a time as a cue that he wants me to put them into the sorter. But today, I guided his hand to the correct opening and let him release the shape into the slot. He was thrilled that he was able to get the shapes in, but he got flustered when he didn’t quiet position the triangle correctly and it got stuck before finally sliding down. He let out a frustrated yelp and shook his hands in the universal body language of “Ughh!” Poor little guy–caught in the gap between the determination of his will and the cooperation of his body.

Isa is also becoming a great mimic. He notices my cleaning around the house a lot and he always wants to get into the action. He’s especially fascinated by the broom and dustpan. So today, as usual, he followed me around watching me sweep the floors and then sweep up the debris into the dustpan. Then he saw me open the kitchen trashcan and brush the dirt into the garbage. Before the garbage lid closed, he followed up behind me and put his hand out over the trash and shook off the imaginary dust that he had collected with his fingers and when the lid closed he patted it down for emphasis. A chip off the old block!

We can also add a few more words to his vocabulary list:

  • Apple
  • Ball
  • Elmo
  • Baby

Plus I could have sworn I heard him say “De Nada” the other day when I handed him his juice, but I’m waiting to see if he says it again. He also says something that sounds like “I did it;” it’s really more like “I didi.” We’re not sure what he means, but we always respond saying, “Yes, you did it!”



2 responses to “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. I haven’t had much time to surf the net or see your blog lately but finally had the time tonight. I am amazed at all the progress you’re making these days. You are becoming a big, bright boy! I’ve also noticed with all your new-found activity your face is slimming down.

    I’m going to be copying your mommy and daddy and update my blog with Keira’s progress too. I haven’t been too good with updating it as she has.

    All my love, Isa!

  2. Que chido que tiene una nana mexicana y que bueno que le hable en esapañol le va a dar mucho gusto cuando conozca a todo su loca familia de mexico hahahaha =). Deberian de mandarlo a un comercial de Gerber o de pañales hahaha parece bebe de comercial en serio!!! hahaha

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