Teeth, Kisses and his Favorite Books

Maria pointed out that Isa’s 7th tooth is coming in–a little white bump emerging on the bottom row, left side. All the more to bite us with! Isa got annoyed with Eduardo the other day when he tried to get his ipod back so Isa bit down on his finger so hard he actually broke the skin. Isa is a lovely, sweet, happy boy, but if you try to take his “toy” away, watch out for your fingers! He’s managed to bite me, Eduardo and Maria on more than one occasion.


Isa has now learned how to give kisses thanks to the picture above. It’s the last page of one of his favorite books, “A Pocket for Corduroy.” Whenever we get to this page, I always nuzzle noses with Isa. So now when he sees this, or any time you mention it, he scrunches up his nose, puckers his lips and leans in for a “besito.” There are the occasional casualties, however. Isa doesn’t always lean in gently and in his effort to give you a kiss and he may end up clocking you in the head. Eduardo got the double whammy the other night when Isa tried to give him a kiss. He hit the back of his head on the wall while unsuccessfully trying to escape Isa’s fast approaching forehead.

Another favorite book of Isa’s is the”Very Hungry Caterpillar.”


When we get to the last page with the butterfly I always hold the book up and flap the pages so that the butterfly “flies” away. Isa enjoys it so much that now he makes the book fly away over his head himself whenever we read it. Actually, he makes all the books fly away now, butterfly or not.

Isa’s number one FAVORITE book, however, is a vintage copy of “Tickle me Elmo” Golden Book. He pulls this one off the shelf and reads it by himself all the time.


Sometimes he just stares mesmerized at the back cover:


He loves the details of all the characters. There’s a page in here where Elmo makes funny faces, so of course, I always make funny faces too. Now Isa makes them with me–he sticks his tongue out then looks to me to see what face I’ll come up with.


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