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This video was originally shared on by Papa Smurf with a No license (All rights reserved) license.

Obama gets influential IsaBaby endorsement–part of the Elmo Lobby

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This past weekend I set up our camera on a tripod to film a typical weekend morning breakfast with the family and caught on video Isa’s clear endorsement of Barack Obama. 

Early Childhood Education

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This short video probes some of the difficulties parents face when making choices about their child’s early education.

Isa Walks

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It’s Official! Isa has begun to walk. He took his first steps Sunday night, Jan 6th. His longest stretch so far has been 8 steps. Here are some clips capturing just a few.

Pretty Ladies make Handsome Babies


This is my blog tribute to Palma, her beauty, and her amazing motheryness.Yes…Momma is out for meetings with the parents of her students at her big, fancy school, so Isa and I don’t know what to do with ourselves as you can see from this photo:

“Oh man, what should we do while momma’s out?”what-to-do-while-mom-is-out.jpg

Well, we can check out Isa’s first celebrity autographed photo from the guy who played Eddie Munster on the Munsters. How cool is that!


Mostly Isa and I just wanted to say that we love Palma and think she’s the bee’s knees and let her know how grateful we are to be in her life.

Isa as sous chef

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Here is Isa helping mommy in the kitchen.  Make sure your volume is down–those pots and pans are LOUD!

Figuring Things Out

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